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Skip a Payment

Plan ahead and enjoy a little extra cash when you need it. To help you stretch your budget, Sunmark is pleased to offer qualified members the option to skip an installment loan payment on eligible loans.*

It’s easy. Simply complete the secure form via the button below. It’s only $55 to cover processing for each payment you’re skipping, and payment can be made by check or by withdrawing from a Sunmark account. Forms and payments must be received five or more days before your due date of the month you’re planning to skip. Interest will continue to accrue on your loan(s), and your final payment(s) will be due one month later than usual.^


Qualified accounts may utilize up to two skips per eligible loan each calendar year - choose any month! 

Sunmark Select Auto Loans, loans with original terms greater than 72 months, open ended loans, and loans secured by real estate do not qualify. Call 866-SUNMARK today for questions or to see if you’re eligible.

Complete the secure form to get started!* Or print the form here


*I understand that the Skip-a-Pay Offer form must be received by Sunmark Credit Union five or more days before my due date of the month I wish to skip. I will be eligible to skip only my loan payment(s) normally due on the above loan(s) for the month in which I complete the form by the due date.  If my loan payment is delinquent, or I am not a member in good standing, I understand that I am not eligible to take advantage of this special offer. I also understand that interest will continue to accrue on my outstanding principal balance during this time, and the term of my loan(s) will be extended. In addition, any insurance, including GAP or debt protection, that I have on my loan(s) will terminate on the date outlined in my original loan agreement. Loan payments skipped may affect the amount of benefits I receive. I understand that if I fail to complete the form five or more days before my due date of the month before my chosen loan payment to be skipped, or if I have not paid the $55 per loan by that date, my normal loan payment(s) will be made as agreed, including automatic transfers, in that month. Should this occur and funds are not available to complete my normal loan(s) payment(s), I may be subject to late fees as outlined in my loan agreement. By voluntarily accepting this offer, I understand that should the $55 payment or loan payment overdraft my account, I am liable for additional fees as outlined in my account agreements.


^Deferment of this payment will extend the life of your loan and may cause an increase in the final payment amount.