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Savings Accounts

Sunmark’s savings options and convenient services like direct deposit and online banking can help you move forward on your saving plan. We offer the following options:

Find the right savings account for you

Kasasa Saver

A free account that builds your savings effortlessly! Linked to your free Kasasa® checking account, Kasasa Saver transfers your earned checking rewards to this dividend-earning account. There are no minimum balance requirements to earn your rewards, and no monthly maintenance fees! MORE INFO

Savings Accounts

A Sunmark savings account offers more than a return on your savings; it opens the doors to all the benefits of banking with Sunmark! Open this account with as little as $.01.

Silver Savings Accounts

For those 62 or older who want freedom from fees and options to stretch their budget, Sunmark’s Silver Savings provides the opportunity to establish a Sunmark membership with as little as $.01.

Youth Savings Accounts

For children and students under the age of 25, Sunmark has developed products, resources and services designed to develop and encourage good money management and saving skills. Establish a Sunmark savings account with as little as $.01 and no maintenance fees – ever!

Special Events Savings Accounts

Designed to help you meet your goal, withdrawals on these accounts are limited – up to four withdrawals or transfers per year from the Special Event account, or one withdrawal or transfer for the Holiday Club accounts - just in time for gift shopping!

Health Savings Accounts

A Health Savings Account, or HSA, allows you to pay for a wide range of healthcare expenses using pre-tax dollars deducted from your paycheck OR after-tax dollars that can be deducted from your annual tax return. HSAs are the only savings vehicle to enjoy a triple federal tax advantage with contributions, qualified withdrawals for medical expenses, and dividends on HSA balances being tax-free.

Money Market Accounts

This tiered rate savings account positions your balances to automatically earn more when interest rates rise, or as your Money Market balances increase. Yet, it provides easy access to your savings with up to six withdrawals of $250 or more permitted each month.


Sunmark certificates offer a variety of rates and terms to help grow your money faster.