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Sunmark Risk Central: Protect Yourself From These 3 Trending Scams


1. QR Codes


Caution should always be taken when downloading new or unfamiliar apps to your tablet or smartphone. Many of the apps designed to scan QR codes contain pop-ups and banner ads that lead to phishing websites and other potentially malicious content. Instead, use your phone’s native camera app to scan QR codes, and always be sure that what you’re scanning is coming from a trusted source.


2. Peer-to-Peer Payment Scams


Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, PayPal, and other payment apps are popular ways to send money between friends and family, as well as for online purchases. Beware that con artists may attempt to impersonate these apps in an attempt to steal your login information. When sending money through a peer-to-peer payment app like the ones listed above, make sure you’re using the app and not clicking on a link via text or email. Often times these scams come through unexpected texts or even direct messages on social media. THINK before you click the link!


3. Job Posting Scams


In a time where people search and apply for jobs almost exclusively online, bad actors (not the Hollywood kind) are now turning to job postings to scam. Creating postings for fake or non-existent jobs, the scammers then target individuals by “hiring” them and requesting banking and other sensitive information. In one example, a scammer sent fraudulent “paychecks” for more than the agreed upon pay and asked targeted individuals to send them the excess funds back in the form of gift cards. If someone you don’t know is requesting you send them funds in the form of gift cards, it’s usually an indication of a scam. Here are some rules to live by when applying for a job…

  • NEVER give out personal information before doing some research.
  • See what others are saying online, reviews and complaint can alert you to potential scams.
  • Don’t pay to get a job. No legitimate business will ask you to pay them to land a job.



Scammers are tirelessly looking for ways to exploit people, and while these three scams are currently trending, it doesn’t mean there aren’t others out there. It’s important to remember not to give your personal and sensitive information to anyone (in-person, online, via text, or any other way) unless you’re certain that the person you are talking to is legitimate. Sunmark Credit Union will NEVER call you unprompted in an attempt to collect sensitive information such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, or account information. We will also NEVER text, direct message, or email you with a link to provide such information. If you’re ever unsure if someone you’re communicating with is legitimate, cease communication and contact the source using their known contact info to confirm.

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