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Sunmark Kicks Off Second Summer of Kindness with Family Fun Night

On Wednesday, July 13, the Sunmark Charitable Community Foundation and Beekman 1802 successfully kicked off their first Summer of Kindness project of 2022 with a Free Family Fun Night. Held at the Player’s Park Family Fun Plex in Clifton Park, NY,  the event drew 129 participants who were treated to free ice cream along with their choice of minigolf and/or footgolf games for the whole family.

This project marks the beginning of the 2nd Summer of Kindness initiative, which is the result of a collaboration between Sunmark Credit Union, the Sunmark Charitable Community Foundation, and Beekman 1802 that began in 2021. The organizations work together throughout the summer months with a goal of spreading more kindness in their local communities. Learn more about the Summer of Kindness origin here. Kindness Crews will again be working with children who “deposited kindness” by submitting their ideas on how they would spread kindness where they live, to bring their Kindness Projects to life.

New to the Summer of Kindness this year are Kindness Workshops – where the Kindness Crew partners with teachers and youth group leaders to bring kindness to their classrooms or organizations. Head to our Kindness page to find out more about our Kindness Workshops and how to participate.

Check out the 2022 Summer of Kindness Family Fun Night!


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