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8 Everyday Things That You Didn’t Know Had a Name

There are so many things out there that we deal with or see everyday, but have no idea what they are called. It turns out that thingy, that doohickey all have names you didn't know.

Soufflé cups 

Those small cups that hold condiments in restaurants. They also come in other sizes for things like brownies or ice cream.

Ideo locator

The red, tear-shaped “You are here” mark on maps, often seen in malls, or in online navigation systems. 


The cardboard sleeves on to-go coffee cups. Most people call it a ‘sleeve’ these days. 


The dent at the bottom of a bottle, such as a wine bottle. Also known as a “kick-up”, it prevents the bottle from tipping, and makes it easier to cleanout and fill. 


Handwriting that is illegible. Griffonage means ‘crude’ or ‘careless’ handwriting.


Lyrics in songs that have no meaning, such as “na-na”, “la-la”, “how-how”, etc. They aren’t really words, but are there to fill space or contribute to the melody. 


Pronounced “arm’s eye”, it is the arm hole in clothing. Or specifically to tailors, a hole in the garment designed to attach a sleeve.  


The space between your forefingers and thumb.