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After a hectic week at work, Kerry is finally leaving at 6am tomorrow morning with her husband, Bob, and the kids for a family vacation they’ve been looking forward to all year.

But there’s a few last-minute glitches. She needs cash for the trip, both large bills for her and Bob, and smaller bills to give to the kids for spending money. She also needs to deposit the check she got when she sold the old lawnmower to a neighbor earlier in the week.

She needs to get all these things done, but it’s 5:30 on Friday afternoon. Fortunately for Kerry, she’s a Sunmark member, so it’s no problem! She can use one of our myTM interactive teller machines to take care of all these transactions. These interactive teller machines give Sunmark members more options than ever before for taking care of their banking business quickly and securely without having to wait in a teller line.

The new terminals are currently available both indoors and/or, in the drive-thru lane at most Sunmark locations, and our drive up only location at 573 North Greenbush Road. 

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The myTM’s are part of an overall plan to provide members with more services more quickly than ever before, says Darryl Enfield, Sunmark’s Vice President of Information Technology.

“We’re serving four generations of members, and we know our members have different viewpoints on how they’d like to work with us,” he explained. “We want to give everyone options. If you’re more comfortable working with a teller, you can do that. But if you’d rather use the machine, or have more banking services after branch hours, we’re working to give you that option, too.”

The new myTM’s offer features that give Sunmark members and non-members a higher level of service than most other interactive teller machines, says Enfield. For a Sunmark member, the myTM offers almost all the services they could get from a teller, and for non-members it can still function as a normal ATM.

All you need to get started is your account number and Social Security number, which the machine will use to confirm your identity by comparing it to the one already on file. Or, use a debit card. Then use the touch screen to make your transactions.

There’s help available if you need it. During branch and call center hours you can talk with a branch staff member or speak directly through live video with a Member Relationship Advisor who can help you complete your transaction or just answer a question.

As a Sunmark member, you can deposit cash, checks, or a mixture of the two with no need for deposit envelopes. Just put them in the deposit drawer, and the myTM will see the difference between the two and automatically add up the total deposit. There’s no waiting for a teller to open the envelope and count the deposit at the end of the day.

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Your account balance is updated, and the funds are conveniently available immediately, because our myTM is connected directly with the core banking systems through a private, fully encrypted secure network. Funds from deposited checks are also available immediately up to $200. (standard check holds apply for larger checks.)

This can be particularly useful for joint accounts. Let’s say Kerry’s husband, Bob, is on one side of town and needs cash, but there’s not enough in their joint account. Kerry can deposit cash at a different myTM and its immediately available to Bob, or she can write a check from another account and deposit it to make up to $500 available immediately at her location.

Through the myTM you can also access all your accounts, not just primary checking or savings. For savings that includes Silver, Youth, Special Events, Health savings accounts, and Money Market accounts. For checking accounts, Free, Student, and Earnings checking accounts are all accessible. 

Need cash, but not just $20’s? At our myTM locations you can get 1’s, 10’s, 20’s, or 50’s. Get all one denomination or preset mixed, or YOU decide the mix, so Kerry can get the vacation cash she needs.

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Not sure where you spent money the last few days? The myTM also gives you access to a “mini-statement” with your ten most recent transactions.

The myTM’s also have many capabilities that haven’t been added yet. They’re ready in the future for more features that will enhance Sunmark members’ convenience and security.

“It’s all about service to the customer,” says Enfield. “Our members get efficiency, speed of transaction and installation at drive-thru’s to get the member on their way as quickly as possible. This also frees up our staff to work with members on building relationships and helping them with their financial needs.”

He also stressed that the new myTM technology doesn’t replace people. No jobs have been lost, and in fact positions have been added to advise directly with members in the branches and provide video support in the Latham call center.

“We’re introducing technology into our branch environment as an ‘and’ instead of an ‘or,’ he said. “We’re adding it to the services we offer, not replacing services with technology.”