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8 Ways To Cope With Fear and Anxiety

You don't need to become a hardcore yogi or an experienced meditator overnight to learn to cope with fear and anxiety at times of natural or man-made crises. The one constant on this planet is inconsistency and instability. COVID-19 and political anxiety are extremely harmful to the body and spirit. The following are proven, easy and cost-free ways to help reduce fear, stress, and anxiety.

Connect with Those Who Empower You
It's crucial to be selective about the type of energies that are around you at such times. Try to connect and surround yourself with those who empower you and not those who will bring you down and multiply your anxiety.

Try to Control Your Environment
A stressful environment will bring about anxiety. Try to calm down and quiet your environment. Prevent loud noises. This is especially true if you live in a busy household. These are special times and will not last for long, ask all in your household to help keep things quiet. If some members of the household must listen to anxiety-ridden type of media, make sure they use headphones.

Listen to Calming Music
Play calming music in your environment. Mozart's is a god. His work has incredible healing and realigning properties. On YouTube look for "Relaxing Mozart." Also, on YouTube there is a large selection of frequency-based healing sounds, usually defined by Hertz cycles. Look for 528 Hz healing sounds and music. New Age and Ambient music will also work well; so do soft rock and soft jazz.

Use Simple Breathing Techniques
Sit quietly and take deep breaths. With your eyes closed, inhale deeply through your nostrils, hold for a few seconds and exhale through the mouth. Try this a few times, anytime and anywhere. You can also try this (with your eyes open of course) if stuck in bad traffic and other such situations.

This is a no-brainer. Meditation's multitudes of benefits have long been confirmed by medical and scientific communities. Anyone can meditate. Of course, for those of us who are lifelong meditators, it might come easier. Learn to calm your mind and body and especially to reduce the harm that anxiety places on your body.

Move About, Walk, Dance and Exercise
Move about. Dance around to some of your favorite music. Exercise, if you can. Go for walks. You don't need to belong to a gym to exercise at home. Yoga would be great, but simple stretching and cardio are also good. Again, if you need to, YouTube has plenty of movement videos to move to.

DIY, Arts, and Crafts
Keep yourself occupied with arts, crafts, and DIY projects. All options are good, whether working on a car, motorcycle or bicycle, or drawing, gardening, fixing things around the house, cleaning and on and on...

Don't watch TV News, Watch Comedies Instead
The key purpose of all mainstream media content is to either sell a product or show advertising for a product or service. That's all. That is the only reason they exist. The worse the crisis the better, because it means they have more eyeballs to sell products to. They look for and heighten bad news and disasters to create a sense of anxiety in their viewers and to hook them into watching their shows more often and for a longer duration. Watch comedy movies and TV shows instead or watch the great standup comedians.