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These 7 Bills Are the Most Commonly Forgotten About, so Set a Reminder

Certain bills are almost impossible to forget, like paying for your rent, mortgage, gas for your car and the items on your grocery list. Other bills have a less frequent due date, so it's easier to forget about them until that deadline creeps up and takes you by surprise.

Take note of these commonly forgotten bills and set a reminder to ensure you don't forget to make a payment.

Vehicle Registration

Vehicle registration typically falls under the category of a periodic expense. This is a larger expense that usually happens once or twice a year and the amount may vary, making it tricky to plan for and budget accordingly.

Those who don't pay for their vehicle registration bill face more than an expensive unpaid statement. The unregistered driver could be fined and even barred from driving their car until the vehicle has been registered.

The good news is most states will send over this bill several weeks before it is due. This gives car owners more time to register their vehicles and check in on any other additional requirements, such as passing an annual or semi-annual car inspection.

Property Taxes

If you own a home, you must pay property taxes on your home. Property taxes are calculated a bit differently depending on the city and state you live in and are due on an annual basis. 

Some lenders roll property tax payments in with a mortgage, so the property taxes for some homeowners are paid monthly as part of your monthly mortgage payment. However, if you don't have a mortgage you are responsible for paying property taxes. Some counties may allow for payments made in installments instead of one lump sum, so check in with your local county treasurer and tax collector's office to see which options are available for you.

Parking Citation

Did you receive a parking citation? While this isn't a bill anyone is necessarily proud to receive, it still needs to be paid off in a timely manner. How you pay off a parking citation will vary depending on the city or county you live in. Some areas accept payments made by mail, in-person, by phone, online or by using an app. 

What if you lost your ticket? Depending on the city or county you live in, you may be able to call a toll-free number or walk into a specific public service location to make your payment. If you are unable to make a payment right away, the city or county you live in may offer installment payment plans or another payment option.

Pet Care

Humans usually have a handle on their own personal care bills, but we can't forget about expenses associated with our furry friends. If you have a pet, don't forget about their expenditures including medical care, veterinary bills, grooming, pet sitting and even budgeting for food and toys. These expenses may not occur every month, but they are frequent enough to be included in your pet's monthly budget.


Some forms of insurance, like car insurance, are paid on an annual or semi-annual basis. Set a calendar reminder to ensure you don't forget about this bill and help keep it top of mind.

Organization Membership Fees or Dues

Do you belong to a club or organization that charges its members a membership fee or dues? Jot down the upcoming deadline for the next time you'll owe dues or need to pay a membership fee. This may be anywhere from a tennis club to a nonprofit foundation or renewing a membership with a retail warehouse like Costco, Bj's, or Sam's Club.

Holiday Gift Giving

Holiday shopping and gift giving often creeps up on us faster than we realize! This periodic expense can account for everything from back-to-school shopping to the winter holiday season.

The general rule of thumb is to start early so you can snag the best sales and deals. Set a few reminders about upcoming holiday shopping deadlines that are relevant to your household so you never miss an occasion.

This article originally appeared on GOBankingRates.comThese 7 Bills Are the Most Commonly Forgotten About, so Set a Reminder