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Small Business Spotlight: Bliss

Bliss is a juice and smoothie bar that offers nourishing foods to the community that are healthy and delicious. Located at 278 Delaware Avenue in Delmar, Bliss offers a large variety of smoothies, smoothie bowls, toppings, cold-pressed juices, salads, toasts, oatmeal, and “bliss bites.” Everything is made fresh and they cater to all ages. Menu items are vibrant with natural colors resulting in an aesthetic appeal while still ensuring customers get the right kind of fuel for their day.

However, it wasn’t always a smooth road for this smoothie business. “For the first year of business, the main challenge for Bliss was awareness,” says Jackie Slattery, owner and general manager of Bliss. They needed to get noticed and pique people’s interest enough to get them to stop in. Understanding the demands and knowing what they should and should not serve was another learning curve and some of the biggest questions Bliss would have to answer.


When COVID-19 arrived, Bliss had to decide whether or not to stay open and staffing became a challenge. “Like many, as a mom of four children who were suddenly learning from home, I had to make tough decisions on how to run the business while also managing my children’s virtual schooling schedules,” Jackie recalls.  Currently, the biggest challenges at Bliss are just making sure they are always ultra-aware of food costs and finding full-time staff.

When it was time to start Bliss, Sunmark Credit Union’s Business Services was their choice. “A new Sunmark came to town right at the same time that Bliss was being built and right across the street from Bliss,” said Jackie.  “It seemed meant to be that I would reach out to them.” Sunmark believed in Bliss and Jackie didn’t have any doubts about Sunmark either. To her, it was important to partner with people who encourage your dedication and drive to make something new build and become a success.

Jackie said that, “Success to me is believing in your business so much that you are willing to take that leap of faith, invest your time and money, and continue believing in your business through the difficult times. That for me that is step one of being a successful business owner.” Jackie added, “Working with the team, especially Brian Wolters at Sunmark, is always excellent! Everyone at Sunmark has always been beyond helpful, friendly, and encouraging.”

What’s her one piece of advice for new entrepreneurs and business owners? “To be a successful business owner you must be willing to adapt. Do not be completely married to your business plan. Be willing to adjust as you learn - if you are stubborn and unable to adapt, you won’t grow and learn from the demands of your customer. “

To learn more about Sunmark Credit Union’s Business Services and the team that that takes your work as seriously as you do while looking out for you and your best interests, visit