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Sunmark Risk Central : 3 Important Reasons to Utilize Secure Shredding

Each year, Sunmark Credit Union hosts at least two FREE secure shredding opportunities for community members. Once in the spring and again in the fall, Shred Day allows members to drive through our parking lot to drop off their unwanted documents to be securely shredded on the spot. If you’ve never attended a Shred Day, you may be wondering why anyone finds it necessary to shred. Why not just toss unwanted documents in your normal recycling bin? It’s a common question with multiple answers, and we’ve decided to cover a few of those answers in this edition of the Sunmark Risk Central.

#1 - Protection Against Identity Theft

Whether it’s social security numbers, credit card information, or even private health information, fraudsters will use anything they can get their hands on in an attempt to steal your identity. While simple office paper shredders can be helpful, most only offer the ability to shred papers in strips. This can allow bad actors to reassemble documents by hand or by using sophisticated software. Our secure shredding partners offer state-of-the-art equipment that is sure to destroy your documents in a manner that will not allow for reassembly.


#2 – Elimination of Clutter

Let’s face it, many of us are guilty of storing unimportant documents, junk mail, receipts, menus, and more at the expense of one or more drawers in our home. Taking the time to clean out your “junk drawer” and de-clutter your home can provide you with the room you need to finally get some organizing done. Stacks of paper piling up on desks and in closets also makes for fire hazards, so routinely de-cluttering and shredding can provide peace of mind in more ways than the protection against identity theft!


#3 – It’s Good for the Environment!

Shredding is sustainable in the same way that regular paper recycling is, with the added benefit of protection mentioned above. Shredding your unwanted documents ensures that paper not only doesn’t end up in a landfill, but that it is recycled and reused!


Sunmark’s next FREE Community Shred Day is coming up THIS SATURDAY, April 6th! From 9:00AM – 11:00AM, members of the community can drive-up and drive-through with their documents to have them shredded on-the-spot at no cost. Sunmark staff will be on-hand to help un-load unwanted documents from vehicles and into the shred bins. We will also be collecting baby items to kick-off our month long Baby Shower Drive to support Mom Starts Here. For more information about the items we’re collecting for the Baby Shower Drive and Mom Starts here, please visit www.sunmark.org/foundation.

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