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Sunmark Holiday Spending e-Book Available Now!

In our most hectic moments, we might call the holidays a giant bundle of stress. This year, they will also look much different. Throw a tightened budget on top of all that stress and it just gets worse. Consumers spent $626 billion on holiday gift-giving in 2015. That’s about three times more than what Americans gave to charity during the whole year. 

Finding that perfect gift and in some situations, paying for that gift is a big part of what’s contributing to that bundle of stress. Some may feel like they're missing out on something and be tempted to or feel like they need to spend more. That’s the goal of this book: to empower you to make your holidays meaningful to you and your family. Along the way, there’ll be tips on budgeting, gift-giving, traveling on the cheap, (when we can again) and other financial matters. 

The point is to separate the stuff that matters from the stuff that doesn’t. Cut out the stuff that doesn’t matter, and spend time and money on stuff that does. A budget is just a way of figuring out one from the other. Plus, you’ll save a little money, too. That never hurts.