Please be aware that several financial institutions are experiencing an increase in fraudulent activity. Criminals are using phone calls, text messages, social media and email to impersonate businesses (including Sunmark) as a means of stealing personal information from our members.  Some of these methods have become very sophisticated, mimicking legitimate communications from financial institutions, and are quite challenging to identify as scams. Sunmark will never ask for your personal or account information (including passwords) via email, text message, or phone call. When in doubt, please call us directly at 866-SUNMARK.


During this time, card and PIN are required to access your account via the Sunmark myTMs. Please insert your card and follow the on-screen prompts.


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Sunmark 360 Episode 13- Did You Make The Right Choice?


Are you ready to turn you house into a dream home? We’ll share some upgrades you can make to your home without blowing your budget. While you may feel a buzz when you go shopping, do you ever feel regret after you get home? Well, psychologists say there is a reason and we’ll share it with you. We also have an update on our new Brunswick branch.

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