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Staying in Is the New Going Out?

We've all experienced FOMO - the Fear Of Missing Out, when we go to a party well out of our way, just in case the man or woman of our dreams is there. Well now we've come full circle and we're making up excuses to stay in. 2022 is officially the year of JOMO - the Joy Of Missing Out. 

Staying in is apparently the new going out! According to a new survey of adults, apparently, we don’t feel like doing anything on the weekend. 71% of us say we like it when plans are cancelled so we can just stay in. The survey finds that two in five respondents say their homebody transition started in their 30s.

3 in 4 of those surveyed agree there’s nothing better than having no plans for the weekend. While the large majority (69%) of the 2,000 Americans surveyed prefer to stay home on weeknights, 38% percent say they also like to be homebodies on Saturdays and Sundays.

According to the OnePoll study, 80% would prefer to have a night in with friends on the weekend, rather than go out on the town. Seventy-two percent consider their nights in with friends much-needed therapy sessions – of which they need an average of three per month to stay sane.

And what is the perfect night-in on a weeknight? Binge-watching TV is best (53%), followed by reading a book (32%), and going for a nice walk (30%). Naturally, most respondents are looking to catch up on some shut-eye and sleep in.