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Small Business Spotlight - Thrive Chiropractic

Thrive Chiropractic is a family-owned chiropractic office that serves Glenville and the surrounding communities. Taking a holistic approach, Thrive Chiropractic provides quality chiropractic services for the whole family, including specialized care for pregnant women.

With a passion for promoting family health and providing medication-free options, Dr. Amy Donovan opened her practice after completing her studies at Life University in Georgia. “I wanted to help people find a more natural form of healthcare,” said Dr. Donovan. “I wanted to show people that you may not have to be on all kinds of drugs to get better or feel better.”

Dr. Donovan stresses the importance of using chiropractic care as a solution to not only relieve physical pain, but also to help improve overall health. This is one of the biggest challenges Thrive Chiropractic is continually faced with, she states. “Getting the word out to people that chiropractic care is not just about back pain, neck pain, and headaches. We work with the whole body to make it function properly and ensure that all systems of the body work better!”

Looking back to when she was opening Thrive Chiropractic, Dr. Donovan had different challenges to overcome. If she were to do one thing differently, she would have hired a business coach at the beginning of the process and offers this piece of advice to other business owners:

“You have to have balance. Don’t burn yourself out on your business in the beginning. Start small with a low overhead, be patient, and you will grow.”

Through the process of opening and growing her own chiropractic practice, Dr. Donovan now defines success on her own terms, which she explains is, “having time and freedom to do what I truly enjoy in life. Success is having an abundant mindset and not feeling like I am even working because I love what I do!”

On Working with Sunmark Credit Union

After being unhappy with the bank she had been working with, Dr. Donovan reached out to Sunmark Credit Union where she found better care and rates. She explains how Sunmark is different from other financial institutions:

“The customer service is great! Anything you need, they will find a way to help, and they are quick, too! It feels like they actually care about you and your business.”

Dr. Donovan would recommend Sunmark to other businesses as well, saying that, “overall, my experience with Sunmark is a positive one. The customer service is no comparison to other financial institutions.” She adds, “if you ever have an issue, they are quick to solve it.”

To learn more about Sunmark Credit Union’s Business solutions and the team that that takes your work as seriously as you do, visit