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Rolling in Cash- If You Have the Money, Rolls-Royce May Build It

If you have the money, Rolls-Royce will build it – probably. The luxury carmaker has announced its Coachbuild program, in which it will work with wealthy clients to design and build very expensive, very customized cars specifically for them.

Rolls has unveiled a new model called the “Boat Tail,” of which only 3 are being made. It has a fully removable roof that is stored separately from the car. That frees up storage space which has been turned into a very expensive picnic basket. Two lids open up along the sides, containing expensive embossed silverware, glasses, napkins, and plates. There is a double champagne cooler designed to fit the buyer’s preferred bottle and colored to match. Cocktail tables also fold out, and there are two Italian-designed stools. For shade, a parasol is stored in the center between the hinged doors.

While Rolls-Royce would not say how much the cars will cost, there are internet rumors floating around that Beyoncé and Jay-Z are some of the first buyers – to the tune of $28 million.

Or you can be just as happy driving that ’95 Jeep to the park with a bucket of KFC. And if it rains, you’ll have a roof handy!