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Renting a Car This Summer? Make Sure You Have the Right Insurance


There are four main types of insurance you should have when you rent a car this summer while on vacation. Luckily, you may already be covered for some or all:

Collision or loss damage waiver
Covers accidental damage to a rental vehicle. If you already own an insured car, your policy often extends collision to a rental just make sure to ask. But, for the most cost-effective, fullest coverage, check with the company of the credit card you're using for the rental. Many major cards cover rental collision if you use that card to rent the car and decline the rental's collision damage waiver (CDW).

Supplemental liability
Takes care of medical costs or property damage that you cause. This isn't often covered by credit cards, but it you own an insured car, most states require your own insurance to provide at least some supplemental liability protection. If you don't, or you want more coverage, it's worth adding and many rental companies offer up to $1 million.

Personal accident
Provides you and your passengers medical and death benefits. This is probably covered if you have health, life, or auto insurance, so you'd only need this for a rental if that's not the case."

Personal effects
Protects you up to a certain amount if someone nabs your property from the rental car. It's often covered by homeowners or renters insurance; If you don't have those, and you're bringing valuables on your trip adding it makes sense. Or, don't be a dope and leave expensive stuff like laptops in your car.

Make sure you're covered. Sunmark is proud to partner with S.I.S. Insurance for a full range of insurance products. They will be happy to review your policy at with you, at no charge, to make sure you have the coverage you need before you hit the road.


S.I.S. carries a wide array of insurance products, including auto, homeowners, rental, and other insurance, from a variety of different carriers. Their agents will help you save money by shopping the best available rate for you. For more information or a free quote, please call 518.783.1010.