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No, that doesn’t mean everyone: There are plenty of happy boat and hot tub owners out there. But when faced with one of the potential purchases listed here, take a breath and think seriously about the purchase.

Extended Warranties:

These things are a case of you betting the store that the product will fail. If the store lost money on these things, they wouldn’t offer them!

Expensive camping equipment:

Unless you are a hard-core camper, the nuclear-fueled campstove and dedicated s’more roasting kit are a waste. Go small, go cheap….you’re probably only using this stuff once per year.

Home printer:

Do you really need to print that much at home anymore? Even legal documents can be signed electronically. If you NEED to print anything, take it to the FEDEX office store or to Staples. 

Home exercise equipment:

You THINK you’ll use it, but then you don’t. And it takes up a ton of room. 

One-use kitchen gadgets:

Juicer, breadmaker, food dehydrator, Kitchen-aid Mixer…who has a countertop big enough for all these things? 

Pools and Hot tubs:

For many, there is only a short window of time each the year when they are able to use these things. Plus they take a lot of time and expense to care for, clean and heat. 

Extravagant weddings:

Everyone is entitled to their opinion on this, but you might wish you had that money back for something else later. 

A boat:

You might find that after you have one, you have trouble keeping your personal finances afloat.