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Lotion That’s Good for the Ocean – And You

A new sunscreen breakthrough promises not only to protect your skin from the sun, it also helps keep it healthy, offers amazing anti-aging effects, AND is good for the environment.

Scientists have found the century-old medicine Methylene Blue, which once kept soldiers in the First and Second World Wars safe from malaria, could be the key in the future of new sunscreens.

Eighty percent of today’s sunscreens use oxybenzone as a UV blocker. The problem is that stuff speeds the destruction of coral reefs when it washes off in the water.

Scientists at the University of Maryland have now found that Methylene Blue, which was also used in the 1930s to treat cyanide poisoning, has remarkable anti-aging abilities when combined with Vitamin C.

How? When the two antioxidants combine, they are able to repair and restore DNA damage caused by harmful sun rays. The researchers have now filed a patent application and are developing sunscreen prototypes that contain the medicine.