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Do You Use One of The Top 5 Most Commonly Used Passwords?

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It’s hard to believe, but some people are still using computer passwords like “123456” and, well, “password”. Cybersecurity company Nordpass has released its annual list of the most common passwords, and says that too many people are using passwords that can be easily guessed. This year’s list of most common passwords is topped by the usual suspects, such as “password,” “qwerty” and different variations of “123456.” NordPass says 144 out of the top 200 most common passwords can be cracked in less than one second.

Here are the top 5 most-commonly-used passwords:

1. 123456 (and variations, such as 123456789
2. qwerty
3. Password (yes, that one can be cracked in less than a second, Einstein)
4. 111111
5. 123123

Some suggestions for strengthening your passwords:
☞ Use complex, long and unique passwords for each account
☞ Store them in a password manager
☞ Use multi-factor authentication

It is highly suggested that you change your password if it appears anywhere on the top 200 list.

See the list here: https://nordpass.com/most-common-passwords-list/