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This Cake is so Moist! Germaphobes May Have Been Right.

Here’s something new to worry about!  It turns out that germaphobes may have been right all along about the whole birthday cake thing.  Research has found that blowing out the candles on a birthday cake  produces 1,400 percent more bacteria in cake icing than are found in icing not blown on.  A study by the Journal of Food Research found that when someone blows out the candles on their birthday cake, they leave behind more than 2,000 “moisture particles” on the cake, each one large enough to carry bacteria and viruses.  Now that we are all thoroughly turned off birthday cake forever and ready to click the ‘no’ box on the RSVP for little Billy’s birthday party next week, you will be happy to know that a co-author of the study points out that “It’s not a big health concern” and “if you did this 100,000 times, then the chance of getting sick would probably be very minimal.”