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We all want to save wherever possible, but there are times when it's actually in our best interest to spend a bit more.

Brakes and tires:

You don’t need the most expensive tires, but you certainly don’t want the cheapest. Or used ones. And have your brakes checked regularly. New brake pads cost a lot less that an accident would.


You spend a third of your life on it. A sagging mattress will lead to back problems and that will cost you more than it would have to buy a decent mattress in the first place. 


Don’t overkill here. But make sure you are suitably covered. Our partners at SIS Insurance will be happy to review your policy with no obligation. Let's make sure you know your coverage.

A decent toothbrush:

Proper regular brushing will save you a fortune at the dentist. And don’t wait until the bristles of the toothbrush have flattened out and frayed before replacing it.

Fruit and vegetables:

An apple a day keeps the doctor away…Fresh fruit and vegetables every day will lower your chances of picking up viral infections, and contributes to general health and longevity.

Regular exercise:

Even nine minutes a day of brisk walking cuts your heart attack risk by 50 percent. Your body needs exercise. Make sure you get it wherever you can.