Are you ready to take the next step toward financial success? Sunmark is happy to provide tips to help you save more money, pay down debt, and plan for long term financial success. Here to lend some practical advice and insight into how you can achieve your financial goals are Sunmark’s leading authorities on all things financial – Business Relationship Managers Carie Sala and Richard Bonnet, and Financial Services Professionals Ruth Johnson and Jeff Saran.

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"Emergency funds create a financial buffer in times when you need it most and allow you to use your own money instead of charging credit or taking out additional loans."


How to Create an Emergency Fund Fast!


How Can I Aggressively Pay off Debt?

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"A very important item to note when managing this type of account is that it requires discipline - it needs to be used for true emergencies.”



How Can I Save More in an Emergency Fund?

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"A good financial advisor will assess your current situation and make recommendations on what you can do to improve it."



What Can a Financial Advisor Do For Me?

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"Often, I get questions about 401K plans from previous jobs. If you have moved to a new job, but your money is still with an old employer, we can help." 


How Can I Increase My Retirement Savings?  

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financial education workshops

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Determining when to begin Social Security benefits could be the biggest financial decision you face, and there are important issues to consider.


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Learn about the basics of Medicare and how financial education can help you in retirement income planning.


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You have retirement goals for the future. Without a paycheck to count on, achieving a steady income will be an important part of the road ahead. 


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Market volatility, low interest rates, and retirement risks make it tough to know where to invest your retirement savings. Conservative investments can help get your financial plan back on track.

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How To Save An Emergency Fund, Fast


Why You Need An Emergency Fund


Four Empowering Money Moves to Boost Your Financial Confidence


How A Financial Advisor Can Help You



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