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How to Vacation All Year

You might think that with the end of summer, it is the end of vacation season, but try these tips from Best Health Magazine to feel like you are on vacation all year long:

1. Make sleep a priority: You not only look better when you are well-rested, you perform better. 

2. Get moving:  Exercise is one of the most effective ways to lower stress, and it’s inexpensive and healthy for you. 

3. Eat mindfully:  On vacation, we enjoy long drawn-out restaurant meals with loved ones; in real life, we scarf down processed foods in the car on the way to and from work.  Stress leads to poor food choices.  

4. Find a restorative practice: It’s when you go “Ahhhhh.”  It could be quiet time with a good book, breathing exercises or meditation.  

5. Make “No” your default answer: There are so many overextended people. We have to be very intentional about what our priorities are and create boundaries around what’s really meaningful.